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ďA quick temper will make a fool of you soon enough. Bruce Lee"

Everything we sell is in stock at our facility in Oak Grove (Kansas City) MO 64075.

Our inventory count is LIVE. There is NO drop shipping or back ordering.


A little bit about us.

We source and sell a variety of items from the common to exotic. All of our products are brand new and never used. We have a very simple philosophy: We do not sell junk. It's not worth our time much less yours to sell you something that is not going to work. The exception to this are items that have such a high intrinsic value that they can be repaired and sold by our customers. If we have an item of that nature it is clearly stated in the description. We try to provide a clear description of the item and lots of pictures to aid you in making your selection.

Some of our items may be scratch and dents, these are usually the larger freight items, and we note such in our descriptions.

We like to think of ourselves as the modern day equivalent of the old hardware store. The place where the bell jingles when you open the door and the owner comes out and welcomes you by name. Where they always seem to have what you need at a price you can afford. The place where you can chat about the weather as well as the football game. Unfortunately modern commerce is making this a memory of the past with email and on-line shopping, we would like to think were keeping it alive!

We have tried to keep our web store extremely simple and easy to use as opposed to a really flashy impressive site that baffles you with fancy links and graphics. We prefer to astound you with our products in hand ready to ship, our attention to the customers needs, and our friendly prices!

We can be reached at:

Zorron Associates

35804 E Truman Rd

Oak Grove MO 64075


M-F 8 AM to 6 PM Central Standard Time