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2004 2005 VW Passat GMR TDI Diesel Automatic Transmission 2.0L 2.0

Condition: Brand New $1,899.98
Used,Pulled from a car we purchased for the electronics and engine. Car had front end damage and was hit crooked on the front pushed one frame rail out of whack insurance company totaled it. Damage was so little the radiator and condenser were hardly damaged. Run the car around the driveway and transmission worked fine. Also have the CV axles if you need them. This will ONLY FIT THE DIESEL motor, it will not work with the gas engine. Also including the torque converter with the transmission. Take a look at the pics, all the info we have on it is there. May fit other years as well but can't say. Freight item, give us a call for a quote. We need a delivery address of a business with a loading dock or we can have it delivered to the freight terminal near you can you can stop in and pick it up. This is a USED transmission, where it says "Condition: Brand New $1,899.99" is an error / glitch in our web store that we have vet to resolve. This is NOT A BRAND NEW transmission. Just want to make sure everyone is crystal clear on that.